How The Defined Jaw Replaced High Cheekbones
As Beauty’s Most-Wanted

All of the fuss over full, bee-stung lips and plump cheeks in recent years means other areas of the face have had less airtime. The jaw, for example, typically gets little more than a quick going-over as part of a monthly facial. But it seems this essential, and arguably neglected, area is having its moment now.

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The 16 Biggest Medical Aesthetics Trends Of 2020

Buzzy new body contouring procedures and innovative injectables are just a few of the trends our experts agree will rule the cosmetic surgery and dermatology industries in the year ahead.

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Masks Are Making Us Eye-Obsessed — & Cosmetic Surgeries Are On The Rise

When wearing a mask that hides the lower half of your face, it’s only natural that you become more aware of what’s going on with the upper half. To enhance the visible features you might apply an extra coat of mascara and pull your hair into a tight topknot to feel confident with what’s left on display — or you might consider a longer-lasting solution for achieving bright eyes and high-arched brows and book an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

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